Descendants of Joseph MINOR


Thomas LEEDS

Son of Thomas Leeds and Mary Williams.


Son of William Thompson and Kathren Richardson.

141. Zebulon CHESEBROUGH

Father: Jedediah Chesebrough          Mother: Mary Hancock

Clarissa PALMER

Daughdter of Denison Palmer and widow Sarah White.
She was the widow of Elam Denison.

142. Rebecca CHESEBROUGH

Another sourse, Dennison Miner, lists Hannah Page as a wife.  She was born 11
July 1751. Source number:00124A8A

Rebecca, daughter of Jedediah Chesebrough and Maryor Molly Hancock; widow of Amos
Chesebrough.  Md 8 Mar 1778.

Daughter of Jedediah Chesebrough and Mary  (Molly) Hancock.

157. Prudence STANTON

Daughter of John Stanton and Prudence Chesebrough.